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What Are The Benefits Of Agency Work?

  • Date: Aug 19, 2022
  • Author: Alastair Tulloch
  • Tags: agency work,agencywork,why work for an agency,vetrorecruitment,vetroagency

Looking for work can be a daunting process no matter what stage you’re at in your career, but having the right people on side to help guide you through the processes can make a real difference. There are lots of resources to choose from, however, one of the most underrated is that of recruitment agencies. 

We understand that lots of people looking for work often believe that agency work isn’t for them and this can be the case however, there are many benefits to agency work that are often overlooked. If you’re unsure of the pros and cons of agency work, our quick guide can help you:



Agency work means flexibility

There are very few jobs available where you are able to choose your hours or locations you wish to work at which is why agency work is so popular. Whether you’re looking to spend more time with your family, have unavoidable personal commitments, want to work less or increase your income, working with an agency will give you the choice to accept work that suits you. With temporary and permanent roles available, working with a staffing agency can help you choose the role that is right for you. 


Vetro Recruitment Benefits of Agency Work


Agency work can increase your income 

If you’re still sceptical and wondering if agency work is any good, have you thought about the possibility of an increase in pay? If you’re looking to earn some extra money in time for Christmas, birthdays, holidays etc, agency work can be a viable option to help you achieve this. 

When you become an agency worker, you are able to pick up as many or as few shifts as you please and can, therefore, increase the amount on your paycheck at the end of the month. All roles presented by an employment agency or recruitment service will offer a minimum wage or higher, paid holiday and statutory sick pay. 


Improve your skills with agency training 

Many recruitment agencies, including Vetro, offer free training across a variety of sectors and will often put candidates through these courses if they feel that it will be beneficial to the applicant. Vetro also offers a range of online e-modules accredited by CPD. So, if you’re looking to gain experience in a certain area of your sector, agency work benefits such as free training may be a more viable option. 

As most training provided by a recruitment agency takes place over the course of one day or a set amount of hours, it can be a great option for those who cannot undertake a full-time course elsewhere. 

You may not know, but recruitment agencies also offer, CV and cover letter advice, interview coaching and feedback from each interview and employer. This means that each vacancy they are responsible for is filled with the highest quality candidate. 


Vetro Recruitment Benefits of Agency Work


Agency work can present new opportunities 

It is a little known fact that temporary shifts and working patterns provided by temping agencies can often lead to full time, permanent jobs. This is because candidates who work temporary shifts are able to build up a great working relationship with their employers, can learn how to navigate the company culture and get to know other employees prior to applying for a permanent role within a business. 

Temporary work provides a metaphorical foot in the door into a respected business and if they business itself is not your dream job, the recruitment agency can always help you find a permanent role whilst still offering you temporary work. 


Final thoughts 

We acknowledge that agency work isn’t for everybody. But, as we mentioned, it could help you gain visibility in a crowded job market and offer you an opportunity that you may not have previously been open to. 

Agency work can provide an opportunity to avoid gaps in your CV and if you’re re-entering the workforce or just entering the job market, a temporary job could be one of the few ways to get your foot in the door to a permanent position.

If you want to know more about agency working rights there are lots of great resources to choose from.

Or if you'd like more information on how a recruitment agency could help you, get in touch using the form below: for reference, Vetro has offices in South Wales, Liverpool & Southampton and have hundreds of live vacancies across the UK

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